Exhibition guide


If you are reading this, it means you will be visiting Mirrors of Brâncuși, so welcome to the universe of Constantin Brâncuși I have imagined especially for you. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the interaction with the work of the great sculptor from another perspective, one in which technology helps us to better understand who Brâncuși the man was and how he thought.

I invite you to start by looking at the Endless Column positioned at a high point. It was designed as a central piece that would clearly outline the exhibition environment and induce a meditative state that Brâncuși’s work has intended to create. Inspired by one of the first versions of the Endless Column, I later learned that the exact same dimension and positioning were chosen by Brâncuși to showcase the column at Voulangis, outside of Paris, in Edward Steichen’s villa garden.

From here, we move on to Sleeping Muse’s box. This installation gives you an opportunity to look at yourself for a few minutes exactly the way Brâncuși did when he created this impressive sculpture. What you need to do exactly is this: place your head inside the box and look in the mirror. The box was designed to urge you to analyze your features and observe how the aesthetics adopted by Brâncuși, that of reducing the human face to a few lines and shapes, is actually an essentialization that captures exactly our most prominent character traits.

The kiss is our invitation to be part of one of the sculptor’s most well-known works. Place yourself as the second character and embrace the existing piece. The kiss embodies, as Brâncuși himself says, the embrace of all anonymous couples who have ever been in love. A tight embrace that cuts your breath short and makes you close your eyes to really experience the emotion of falling in love and all the feelings this gesture brings about.

The full-size module of the Endless Column in Târgu Jiu is aimed to give you a perspective of this work true dimensions. You will notice that it is clad in mirror surfaces — this is your moment of meditation and introspection. As your mind addresses concepts of infinity, the role each of us has on earth, how common elements put together create a solid backbone, think about how you can make these elements part of your own life.

Finally, we invite you to silence — take a seat on one of the chairs at the Table of Silence and watch a 15-minute film that will tell you about the sculptor’s life, his friendship with other artists of the epoch and his artistic journey.

Welcome to the Mirrors of Brâncuși!

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